"Here is my story, When I was younger my best friend killed himself, i didn’t realize i loved him till after he passed. The only way i still felt close to him was listening to his fave band, which is H.I.M. When i would get depressed i would only listen to H.I.M and it made me feel less lonely. I eventually started isolating myself, then i started cutting myself and eventually i attempted to take my own life. Going in and out of the hospital they didn’t let me listen to music much. i tried 2 more times and the 3rd time i was almost dead when my mom found me. When i was in the hospital recovering my mom brought me my ipod to give me something to do. All i would listen too was Escape the fate (with Ronnie). Ronnies lyrics made me want to get up out of the hospital bed and try to get better. My Apocalypse and Theres no sympathy for the dead really spoke to me. Eventually i got better and was coping and made friends and even got myself a boyfriend, and everything was going great till he started getting abusive and made it nearly impossible to get out of the relationship. So i resorted to self harm again  i was even dabbling on suicidal thoughts agian. Thats when i came across the bands Peirce the veil, sleeping with sirens, of mice and men and, Motionless in white. Each of these bands taught me different things about myself and their lyrics kept me from going over the edge agian. Pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens and of mice and men taught me that its not worth trying to take my life and hurting myself, that i was better then all of that. Motionless in white taught me to stand up for myself, which lead me to getting out of that abusive relationship and learn how to express myself and not be afraid of what people think. If it wasnt for those bands i most likely would not be here right now. I seriously want to let every single one of the men in these bands to know that they are all the reason why im still alive today."

Wow you have been through alot and your strength to endure all of this is truly inspiring. This story is an example of the power of music at its finest. You are wonderful, and I know this story is going to help and inspire many kids out there who are feeling and going through the same things. Never forget how amazing you are xo <3

dr0pdeadsunshinee said: in the summer of 2010 I was so close to killing myself but one song, one amazing song from Pierce the veil stopped me. I'm so grateful for them you don't even know. I cry sometimes because I love them so much. if it wasn't for ptv I wouldn't be here to writing this. they truly are my hero's. <3

btw when I turn 18 I'm getting "yeah boy and doll face" tattooed on my forearm because that's the song that saved my life c":

I’m so glad that Pierce The Veil saved your life. Your life is worth living and you deserve to live the best life ever. Don’t forget that <3 
Here is a link to the song:

queenmintachi said: Well, the band that helped me though would be Sleeping with Sirens and Asking Alexandria. Two years ago a lot of people left my life that i needed to be here with me, i was bullied and hurt after they were gone and i was just done. But, when i listened to these bands i would forget the pain, forget the world and just know i'm not alone. What their songs say, are what they feel inside. What i feel, and so, they helped me stand tall when i fell down :).

I am sorry to hear you were bullied. I know the pain, and just remember it does get better. I’m glad the music helps you love yourself and who you are. Thanks for sharing <3

defineandleadyourlife said: Hey ! Sorry I didn't submit my story earlier. I have always been one of those really happy ppl. Until middle school I didn't like listening to music on my own, like I love blasting out loud at home but I never paid attention to the lyrics but that was when I heard the song fireflies by Owl City. I really liked the music but the lyrics were even deeper and that was made me understand music deeper and believe that there is more than what meets the eye and helped make me into the person I am today!

Aww that’s wonderful! Thanks for sharing <3

Hey followers!

I am so sorry this blog isn’t being updated as often as I’d like it to! It’s my last year of university and the amount of school work I actually have is insane. I read all of your stories and they are actually incredible. Thank you so much for your submissions <3 I will post them as soon as I can!

You are all such strong, inspiring and beautiful people. NEVER forget that. 

With love,

Lauren Marie


Music has always been a huge part of my life. I’d been cutting for three years and I’ve always had problems with my weight and I’d been bullied about it all throughout middle school. In my 8h grade year, I was 5’2 and 81lbs. But I still didn’t feel beautiful. The cuts got deeper the food got smaller, and all I could think of was how I wanted to listen to music. Music was the only thing that could clear my head. From Mayday Parade all the way to Suicide Silence, I listen to it all. I wanted something blasting in my ears at all times. Since then, I’ve met this really awesome girl and we now have each other to lean on. All I know is that without music, I wouldn’t be alive today. It’s sad how low one can get when we let ourselves succumb to our thoughts, but music will always be there. 


I think it’s wonderful how different genres of music have helped you. I can definitely relate to your story as I was that tiny girl in gr.8 who felt ugly no matter what. Music really does help because it stops your loneliness. I’m happy you have found someone to help you get through it. Thank you for sharing this <3

iwantomendyourheart said: In 10th grade, I was diagnosed with anorexia and anxiety disorders,and I was depressed. I was sad all the time,and I was always wanting to die. My best friend introduced me to A Day to Remember, Mayday Parade, A Skylit Drive, WCAR, and many more. A Day to Remember has to be the band that influenced me most, though. My personal favorite has always been "Have Faith In Me," because everyone deserves someone who will always be there. Music helped me realize life is worth living.

Thank you for sharing this <3 I really hope you stay strong throughout your battles and focus on bettering yourself. You are never ever alone!

firstly, this is a brilliant idea :)

I’ve only told this to one person i know, but anyway… so a few months ago i got my first car, it was blue citroen saxo called lily, over the months before this i’d been going through a very very rough patch with my girlfriend, it seemes as if everyone was abandoning me, i’d failed my finals so i thought i was going to be like burger flipping for life, my family hated me and couldnt understand why i was how i was and were always shouting at me and being horrible and i’d failed my most recent set of musical exams. All of this was on top of long standing family issues, pressure to stop some unpleasant habits and ostricisation from people. Now it was the middle of the summer holidays and i had a summer job that i hated because i was shat upo by everyone else there even so i had far to much spare time on my hands which i spent alone due to persisting troubles with my girlfriend (she continually talks to and leads on other guys including her ex who she is still in love with, she doesnt love me and regularly upsets me by saying things like ‘i keep thinking i should break up with you, i feel like this wont get better and i dont want it long term, but i cant stand the thought of being lonelier than i am’ when i go out of my way to do anything and everything for her because she means everything to me) so one morning before work i gave up, i just couldnt face another day as miserable as i was so i got up like normal to drive to work planning to go round a sharp corner on the way there and ‘lose control’… by chance i decided i’d bring my ipod because for years now i’ve been obsessed with bmth, theirmusic always seems to make me feel better. so off i go on what i thought would be my last drive, listening to the band i love… and it was a lovely morning so i decided that i’d listen from the beginning of ‘edge of your seat…’ to the end of ‘there is a hell…’ then i couldnt decide what song i wanted to end it with so i shuffled my ipod as i was coming towards the corner and second & sebring by omam came on and it just made me cry and i decided i couldnt do it, because it would devastate the few real friends i had left… and i didnt want to put the person in the oncoming landrover through something so horrible :(, by which time it was to late to do anything but reduce the amount of damage taken by the car… and well i’m still here today, lily isn’t, but i wasnt even scratched, and no one knows. so i owe my life to omam and bmth and it is my one ambition to meet them and thank them for all they’ve done <3


Wow, this is such an intense story but I’m sure many can relate to the feelings of failure, loneliness and hopelessness that you have felt. The fact you developed the strength to survive this dark time is truly inspiring and I know that many people are glad you are still here. Life is worth living because the difficult times will pass and I’m glad that you realized this. You are so young and have your whole life ahead of you! I hope that you get the chance to share this story with both Of Mice and Men and Bring Me The Horizon because I’m sure they’d love to hear it. Thank you for sharing <3

My second mom died of brain cancer when i was only 9 years old.. And her most favorite song in the world is “You raise me up”. After her death i listened to that song every day for about three years, and it actually helped me get past her death and gave me some comfort.

Another song that means the world to me is “American Soldier” By Toby Keith. My dad is in the military and right now is in Afghanistan fighting for our country so that song really speaks to me.


I am very sorry to hear about your second mom. Your dad is truly a brave, strong and great man who is sacrificing his life to help others. His grateful actions are always appreciated because he is a hero. Stay strong <3

demon-maid-felicity-victoria-de said: I went to Warped Tour for the first time this year. Walking into the venue I was an so so fan of Of Mice and Men.But after seeing them play and an unauthorized meet and greet with the lead singer Austin Carlile, my love and respect for him had exploded. He had lost his mother at a young age and had a unfaithful marriage which ended in divorce. He inspires me to go on through hardships and I live everyday wanting to be more like him. Austin is my hero, mentor and role model.

That’s wonderful! I’m glad you got to meet him! Thank you for sharing this <3

"30 seconds to Mars always was my favorite band, but they changed my life on April 27. I’ve just bought my ticket for VyRT, live stream  from their house, and I thought “I will finally see them live. There’s no other reason to live”. In my school a lot of people bullied me, my parents divorced and my brother was deathly. It was so much for me. I’ve already self-harmed myself and wanted to kill myself.

When the show begun, everything changes. Then they played The Kill, my favorite song. When I heard words “Come, break me down”, “What if I wanted to fight” & “This is who I really am”, I started to cry. I couldn’t stop. At the end I threw all my razors, because I knew that I belong somewhere. I belong to my family, the Echelon.”


 I think those are wonderful lyrics to live by because it inspires you to fight for who you are and what you believe. Do not let life’s unfortunate events tear you down because you are strong and beautiful. I’m glad 30 Seconds To Mars’ music gives you a sense of belonging. Thank you for sharing this. <3